Crochet tutorial: How to make Aster flower

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Great flat-form flower to make. It easy and tricky at the same time, but works beautifully on cushions or blanket corners. It is intermediate flower but if you have followed the blogs from the beginning you will have no problem to make it as beginner. Aster flowers would be great also for free form crochet.

Aster is mainly Eurasian flower, and have around 180 species. The name comes from Greek word and means 'star', referring to the flower head. Because of the variety of the colour, it's common garden flower. It can nearly grow anywhere and is excellent flower to grow.

(Information by Wikipedia)

 how t crochet aster flower free pattern tutorial

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Use good quality cotton to make these flowers, as then they will hold a great shape. You could also add stem to your flower and use different colours on each row.


  • cotton wool 
  • 2,5 mm hook
  • needle and scissors


Row 1: Make a slip ring or magic ring, chain (ch) 3 and make 4 double (dbl) crochet inside the ring, close the ring and turn your work

Row 2: ch 3, make 2 dbl into next three spaces and 1 dblt to top of chain 3 space row below, turn your work

Row 3: ch 5 and slips stitch (ss) to next space THROUGH FRONT LOOP, work to the end, turn work

Row 4: *ch8, single crochet (sc) 1 to the second chain from hook, then make 1 half double (hdbl) to next space, 1 dbl to each of next three chain spaces, 1 hdbl to next ch space and 1 sc crochet to next ch space, then ss tHROUGH THE BACK OF THE LOOP of row 2, repeat from * until you are at the end of the row, fasten off invisibly.


How to crochet aster free flower tutorial chart



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